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Carrying to Protect 


You can use your RFID Card Shield to protect other contactless payment cards that you may hold, should you choose to do so. In your purse or wallet, we recommend you gather your payment cards together in one section directly behind one another, up to a maximum of 3. You should then place your RFID Card Shield on top/in front of them allowing it to shield the cards. 

If you want to carry each card separately in its own slot/section, then you will need a RFID Card Shield for each of the cards in each slot. 


Oyster wallet Carrying and use instructions. 

How do I use my Wallet? -Simply insert your chosen contactless card to be used, on that day or night, into the right-hand cover pocket. You can use the inside of the front cover to place either non contactless cards such as ID, member cards, receipts, bank notes or a Bluetooth Loss prevention Tag such as the Apple AirTag. 


While the wallet is closed, then any contactless cards you carry, up to a max of 2, will be prevented from responding to legal, accidental, or illegal attempts to read them. To use the contactless card, you have chosen to take out, you DO NOT need to take the card out of the wallet. It has been engineered to allow you to use our Flip-Tap-Pay function. Open the wallet, and with the card still inside, place the card side onto the payment reader. This will be the only card in your wallet that can be charged. After use immediately close the wallet again to secure the card. 

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