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Blocktek™ is a range of RFID/NFC Shielding and Bluetooth loss prevention, lifestyle security products engineered by our UK based Technology partner VoyagerBlue, who operate globally and hold patents in this field. 


Each product has been developed through years of research and collaboration. The technology was first researched under UK Government grant in 2005 by VoyagerBlue (VB) who enlisted two leading UK Universities who are experts in this field to work with them.  


The aim was to research RFID/NFC to discover any security weaknesses in the proposed over air transmissions in payment and identity technologies (Contactless) about to be launched by banks. From that explore ways to protect the data held on RFID/NFC chips by designing best in market, military grade, passive engineered personal security accessories we all carry every day, in the form of card shields/ePassport shields/wallets/purses. 


As a result of this research, and the determination to address the vulnerabilities found, a patent was secured in 2006 for VoyagerBlue Technology, which remains the best and most unique RFID protection technology on the market today. Absorbing RFID/NFC signals through Military grade passive fabric at 98.8%. The highest protection available in the market. 


VoyagerBlue then went on to research and secure a patent in RFID/NFC Shielding and Bluetooth Loss Prevention combined security solutions. Each of the RFID Shielding products that provides a space for the inclusion of a Bluetooth Loss Prevention Tag such as Apple Air Tag and others, has been engineered specifically to ensure the fabric does not interfere with the Bluetooth signal to mobile tag applications, therefore reducing the number of disconnection signals that lead to annoying loss alert notifications. 


This combined technology is available in our Regata Wallet for example. 


BLOCKTEK by Badgemaster is committed to providing its customers with the best RFID protection technology on the market, which is why we have partnered with industry leader VoyagerBlue. We believe in the technology developed by VoyagerBlue and are confident that it is the most effective and reliable solution for protecting against RFID vulnerabilities.  


We have combined over 60 years of our joint expertise and resources from two of the most respected UK brands in their industries, trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and organisation including the Royal Household.  

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