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BLOCKTEK Card Shields and Oyster style Bank/Travel RFID wallets 


Contactless payment and ID cards are commonplace in our busy lives today. It is a fabulous addition to the convenience and speed of payment and ID requirements for the individual, retail business and hospitality/events businesses. 


It does however come with some easily overcome weaknesses, that can lead to unwarranted payments and identity fraud. 


The BLOCKTEK rfid blocking card shield, is engineered with military-grade fabric that has been specially developed under government research grant in 2006 by VoyagerBlue our UK Technology partner. VoyagerBlue is a leader and originator of these products in this industry and operate worldwide. 


With the help of leading UK universities and UK based manufacturing, VoyagerBlue was able to research, test and then create a solution via specialised shielding absorber and reflector fabric, built into ISO Plastic Card, to block the frequency used in RFID credit, debit, and ID cards (specifically 13.56Mhz). This was then patented at that time and all research and test papers lodged as part of that. 


This is the frequency at which all our contactless bank and rfid/nfc travel/ID cards operate at. The technology also acts against NFC transmission as used in cards and mobile payments. 


The key fact is that RFID/NFC travels over air and was created by its inventor to locate and keep track of stock in warehouses. 


This over air transmission means that it is susceptible to interception or mis direction when a reader responds to a chip ignition from a card/phone. This can cause Accidental Payment from another of your cards, not intended to be used, or someone else’s card in proximity. It can also lead to the rarer event of Card Clash where two cards react to the reader at the exact same time and no transaction is lodged or the barriers do not open on transport systems. These are daily events on Contactless payment systems in retail and public transport. Most of the time they happen without us being aware until we receive bank statements - if we notice them at all. 


In addition, eSkimming of data held on contactless cards can also be intercepted and used illegally in ID fraud and fraudulent payments. This can be done by mobile reading devices and apps available on Android and other technologies, aside from specifically built machinery to capture the data from nearby. 

With its advanced design and specialised fabric, the BLOCKTEK Card shield is the ultimate choice for those seeking reliable and secure RFID protection. 


Not only is our technology the best on the market, but the card shields are also incredibly convenient to use. Simply slip it into your wallet/purse in front of or behind up to 3 cards gathered together in one slot and you're good to go. No need to worry about added bulk or awkwardness – the card shield is thin and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. 


Reasons to choose BLOCKTEK over cheaper aluminium less effective shielding technology. 


  • Best Patented and Protected RFID protection technology in the market by our technology partner VoyagerBlue. 

  • ISO Certified product UK produced. 

  • Military Grade and Protected Absorber Technology Fabric shielding at 98.8% shielding as opposed to Aluminium shielding reflector only products which shield at much less and reduce in shielding capability with use quickly. 

  • Built with flexibility in mind, BLOCKTEK cards are malleable, always offering full protection with no chance of snapping. 

  • No circuit boards or power required- a permanent, passive, absorbing/reflecting technology that sits and does its job when you need it with no fuss bells or whistles. 


A simple, affordable, and permanent security tool needing no power, UK produced and researched and developed on government grant, BLOCKTEK shielding cards are a must-have for anyone concerned about the accidental payment, card clash and e skimming of their personal financial and sensitive information.  


Our Oyster style wallets house the Card Shielding Fabric inside the front cover of the wallet so when it is closed all cards are shielded and for convenience when th ecard on the right side is needed simply take advantage of our Flip-Tao-Pay function by opening the wallet and without taking the card out place it onto the reader pay and then close. 



NB: if you wish to carry your cards in individual wallet/purse slots then you will need a card shield for each slot. 



Our RFID/Bluetooth Loss Card Carrying Products. 


All our rfid shielding wallets utilise shielding fabric technology and have been engineered through research, testing and devleopment to allow the transmission of bluetooth signals to be not interupted when using a Bluetooth Loss prevention tag such as Apple Air Tag and other products. 


The principals of the technology above and in a smartWallet, such as our range, is patented in the US by VoyagerBlue and each design is engineered to fit this ideolgy of a true RFID/Bluetooth loss wallet. 

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